Prevent Rust Stains

Prevent Rust Stains

Stop Well Water Rust Stains Before They Start!

If you have rust stains from your sprinkler or other rusty water stains, and you are reading this, you're in luck. Preventing these spots is fast and easy with the SprinkleRite® Irrigation Tank System and SprinkleRite®'s specially formulated NoRust® Rust Stain Preventer.

The concept is simple: use your lawn irrigation system to automatically prevent rust stains at the same time you water! Simply fill the SprinkleRite® System tank with NoRust® and let it deliver the right amount of rust-stain prevention every time your irrigation system runs!

SprinkleRite®'s specially formulated NoRust® rust preventer neutralizes the iron in well water to prevent rust stains from forming before they start. It's effective on most outdoor surfaces and is safe for plants and grass when used as directed.

Use it wherever you see rusty stains starting to form on concrete or other outdoor problem areas.

  • Beautify your landscape - Keeps ugly rust stains from ruining the appearance of your home
  • Save time - Automatic rust prevention every time your sprinkler system runs, so you'll clean less often
  • Easy to install - Connects in just minutes to your well pump, requires no electrical connections

If rust stains from your sprinkler are ruining the appearance of your home, grounds, landscaping or garden, use the SprinkleRite® System and see the difference a little rust prevention can make!

What Is Causing Well Water Rust Stains?

Ugly reddish brown rusty stains are a common problem in sidewalks, patios, stepping stones, walkways, siding, window and door frames in areas where irrigation water has a high iron content. While your sprinkler system and/or hoses are watering your grounds, they are also spraying iron particles that will create rust stains wherever they land.

Iron is a chemical element that is abundant in soils and groundwater in many parts of the country. And it is the element that, when exposed to air and moisture, oxidizes or rusts. If you live in an area where the tap water is "hard", or mineral-rich, or if you irrigate with well water, your sprinkler water is probably causing rust stains.

Your irrigation system will often "over spray" which means water ends up on your fence, patio, deck, porch, house, windows, doors, concrete walkways, stepping stones or paths, lawn furniture and - if you park in your driveway - probably on your car, truck, or other vehicles as well, not to mention anything accidentally left on the lawn such as tools, toys, bikes, etc. Once they come in contact with the air, iron particles from the water in your sprinkler will begin to oxidize rust or rust. The stains that result have likely developed over time and can be very stubborn to remove.