SprinkleRite® System
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SprinkleRite® System

The concept is simple: as long as you're watering your lawn and landscape, why not prevent rust stains or fertilize at the same time - automatically! Use original NoRust® in your SprinkleRite® tank to keep your house, lawn and foliage free from ugly rust stains. You can also add VerdaGro® to keep your grass healthy and green.

  • Automatically dispenses NoRust® and/or VerdaGro® when your irrigation system runs
  • 36-Gallon poly-propylene tank system connects in minutes to your above-ground well-pump intake
  • Requires no electricity to operate
  • Contains all materials needed to install - you supply tools: electric drill and 7/16" drill bit
  • Includes free iron content water analysis from SprinkleRite® (send in and we send back report)
  • Injection pumps for city water systems available (call Pulsafeeder at 1-800-333-6677)
  • NOTE:  Alaska and Hawaii orders ship Standard Overnight or 2-Day Air only.

Click here for SprinkleRite replacement parts

Where do I purchase parts for the SprinkleRite® System?
Online at www.sprinklerite.com listed in the Products section.

Can I put fertilizer in my SprinkleRite® tank?
We make a fertilizer called VerdaGro® that is designed for use in the SprinkleRite® system.

Can I put Herbicide or Pesticide in my SprinkleRite® tank?
No. This isn't recommended. You should not use herbicide or pesticide in the SprinkleRite® System.

I can't figure out how to hook the SprinkleRite® system up to my below-ground, submersible pump.
The system is designed only for above-ground pumps. To make it function with a below-ground submersible pump, you'll need to purchase one of the Injector Pump Conversion Kits available on this website in the SprinkleRite® Replacement Parts section. Use the 115 volt injector pump for 1/5 horsepower pumps, and the 230 volt for any pump with a higher horsepower.

The “Directions for Use” are included to help you better understand our product.  However, they do not provide you with all of the information needed to use the product safely and effectively.

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